Chiropractic & Wellness Services

Advanced Physical Medicine Center wants you to get more
health back into your life. You’ll no longer need to go from
building to building and all over town to receive the
professional services you need
– they’re all under one roof!

Chiropractic Care

Did you know your nervous system controls every organ and system in your body?
This is the foundation of chiropractic care. Gentle movements and pressure
along your back and neck corrects misalignments to reduce stresses
to your nervous system, allowing the body to heal itself.

Physical Therapy

We want to get more health back into your life. The registered physical therapists and physical
therapy assistants provide expert level care. You’ll have increased range of motion, more strength
and better balance. A system of modern protocols including therapeutic exercises, muscle
relaxation techniques, movement pattern analysis and Kinesio Taping means you’ll be on the
road to recovery and wellness quicker and regain the ability to do what you want in life.

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Pain Management

We provide minimally invasive pain management procedures. These procedures include trigger point
injections as well as injections to small, intermediate and large joints including fingers, knees, shoulders and elbows.

Massage Therapy

Just thinking about a deep massage helps reduce stress and relax the body. Imagine how you’ll feel after
our therapists apply techniques to soothe and melt away knots in your muscles and rejuvenate a tired body.
Our methods speed recovery of injured tissues and work together with other team treatment procedures.


Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic


By skillfully adjusting the spine’s vertebrae to their original natural position, you are able to function at your highest level and perform at your peak.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Cold Laser Therapy

By helping to reduce inflammation and by stimulating the mitochondria to optimize energy and regeneration, cold light laser dramatically increases healing times.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Lumbar Disc Therapy

The state of the art Accuspina Lumbar Disc Decompression unit is used to reduce disc bulges, disc herniations and symptoms associated with degenerated discs.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic


Acupuncture is an effective treatment for varied conditions such as chronic pain or injury and often used in combination with chiropractic.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Carpal Tunnel

We address carpal tunnel through rehabilitative therapy and helping you with repetitive use issues that can bring about this painful condition.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Spinal Decompression

A non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option for patients with bulging and herniated discs, chronic neck pain, neck spasms and more.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Nerve Conduction Studies

We provide upper and lower extremity tests which include: NCV’s and EMG’s. These tests help give a differential diagnosis to extremity pain.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Back/Neck Pain

Restoring proper mechanics can alleviate pain and numbness due to degenerative disc disease, herniated discs & ruptured discs.

Advanced Physical Medicine Chiropractic

Headache Relief

Free yourself of migraines, cluster headaches, stress headaches, anxiety related headaches, cervicogenic (neck pain related) headaches & tension headaches.

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